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New Jazz CD Release by John Bercaw, Jazz Master

Music CD Cover Design, Graphics, Album COver, Production, ProducerMy Turn #MyTurn 2016 - Acrylic on Canvas by American Artist Kris CourtneyWake Up, Earl! 

Promotional and Marketing Merchandise for support of the New Book Release for "FLORIDA RETIREMENT IS MURDER"

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FLORIDA RETIREMENT IS MURDER, is a collection of elder aged and loosely governed comedic characters that live in a Florida Gated Retirement Mobile Home Park and find themselves entangled with each other to uncover there is a killer among them.  The setting is in Central Florida and the dramatic genre of "Satire Mystery" takes Snowbird residents on a journey of laughter and sleuth discoveries inside a gossip riddled community filled with the humorous dysfunction of overgrown children. {Snowbirds do more than just Flock}
True Story Book, Memoir available on Amazon - Norma Jean's Sun by Kris Courtney
Snowbirds do more than just Flock

Scheduled for New Release in the Series of the Award Winning Snowbird Cozy Mystery 'Florida Retirement Is Murder' is ready to Pre-Order for New Year's Eve, December 31st, 2024 on Amazon and All Retail Platforms, Including Audiobooks on Audible. Pre-Order Your Copy Today !!

The Hysterical Characters in the Fictional Sun Gate Florida Gated Retirement Community are up to it again as Stewart and his Hilarious Antics take you through the secrets of this Laugh Out-Loud Cozy Murder Mystery Series set in Central Florida.  The unanswered questions from before will be solved as the group of KraZy Residents create more Amateur Sleuth Adventure puzzles for readers to discover again. PREORDER Your Copy Today !!Mirror, a sensuous reflection